Every graduate from Schenectady Christian School/Mekeel Christian Academy is a member of the 76ers Alumni Association, an independent organization sponsored by Mekeel Christian Academy that was formed in the summer of 2011 when a small committee of alumni began meeting with the desire to support and strengthen ties between alumni, the community, and the current families at the school. The 76ers committee has continued to meet regularly to work towards achieving these goals.  

Prior to the official founding, various alumni met for brainstorming sessions to talk about forming a committee.  The name 76ers was chosen to honor the founding of the school in 1976 as well as foster a common sense of community between all graduates.  The Alumni Association members and the alumni population as a whole, are nicknamed the 76ers to honor the founding of the school and foster a common sense of community between all graduates.  

Since its formation, the 76ers Alumni Association Committee has been involved in many school functions including helping with and supporting the annual Homecoming Weekend, speaking for chapel, sponsoring Alumni Nights at sporting events, welcoming graduating seniors to the association, and volunteering at various school functions. The committee hopes to expand involvement with the school in the future as alumni support increases.

All alumni are encouraged to become committee members. Meetings are held on a regular basis approximately every two to three months.  The committee assists with planning for many of the above-mentioned school events. If you would like more information about becoming a member of the committee, would like to attend a meeting just to see what it is all about, or have ideas of ways the alumni committee can better serve the alumni and school, please send an email to alumni@mekeel.org.



One function of the 76ers Alumni Association Committee is to strengthen ties between alumni and the school.  Here are some ways you can connect with other alumni as well as the school.

Alumni Picnic:  In July 2017, the Alumni Association Committee hosted the first annual alumni picnic.  We will be picking a date for summer 2018 soon so watch for details!  If you would be interested in helping to organize the event, please contact the committee by emailing alumni@mekeel.org.

Alumni Records:  Please send an email to alumni@mekeel.org with your name, graduation year, mailing address, email address, and contact number so we can stay in touch with you.  Be sure to include an update on your life after graduation.  Have you recently completed a degree?  Have a new job?  Getting married?  Having a baby?  Let us know so we can publish the news (with your permission) in our alumni newsletters.  Please keep us up to date.

Homecoming:  MCA hosts a Homecoming Weekend each fall.  Some of the weekend’s events include soccer and volleyball games, alumni basketball game, kid’s basketball clinic, carnival, and dodge ball tournament.  Please watch for information regarding our 2018 Homecoming Weekend.  If you would like to be a part of the alumni basketball game, please email us at alumni@mekeel.org.

Facebook:  Check out (and like!) the 76ers Alumni Association Facebook page.  You can see information about upcoming events, updates on the school, and even Flashback Fridays with photos from years gone by. 

Newsletter:  The alumni association committee puts together an e-newsletter several times a year.  If you haven’t been receiving the newsletters by email, please send an email to alumni@mekeel.org to be added to the list. View our latest newsletter here.    View previous newsletters here

Reunions: Do you need help planning an upcoming reunion?  Contact the Alumni Association Committee for assistance by sending an email to alumni@mekeel.org.



Almost 700 students have graduated from MCA (SCS) and are building their families and careers, but more importantly, extending the Kingdom of God in their communities all over the globe. We are proud of all our graduates, and would love for each one to partner with the work of Mekeel.  There are many ways to be involved as a 76er.  Stop in and see your old teachers, come to games and cheer for your alma mater, or even schedule a tour.  

If you are able to help in any of these areas or have ideas for other ways to support the school, please send an email to alumni@mekeel.org.

Alumni Representatives:  We are looking for alumni to help make and maintain contact with other alumni. 

Prayer Partner:  Would you commit to praying faithfully for the school?  If so, we’d like to be able to send updates and requests periodically.

Newsletter:  The alumni association committee puts together an e-newsletter several times a year. We are always looking for ideas for articles as well as alumni to write them.

Volunteer at school events: MCA has many school functions that we as alumni can support by either attending or volunteering.  These include, but are not limited to Homecoming, the annual auction, and the spring Celebrate Mekeel banquet.  



MCA will now provide 100% of the demonstrated tuition need for alumni families!  Follow the usual admissions process, and we will provide 100% of the tuition assistance recommended by the third party company we use to determine financial need (FAST).

Also, children of MCA alumni automatically have their registration and re-registration fees waived. The enrollment of your children is the highest compliment we can possibly get!

Contact Erin Hvizdak, Admissions Coordinator, for more information. 518.370.4272 or email admissions@mekeel.org.