Grades K-5 consist of exciting learning communities that emphasize student choice and individualized instruction while maintaining some of the best features of a traditional approach to education.  We are proud of the program we’ve put together and think you’ll like it too!


Our literacy program features the Reading and Writing Workshop, a system of instruction that is highly engaging with the goal of creating lifelong readers and writers.  Our teachers share a minilesson with skills that all students need then send the students off to read and write books and papers of their choosing.  It is during this time that students practice the skills of the minilesson and receive individual and group feedback from the teacher and their peers.  MCA Junior Lions grow in their love of literacy as they explore our robust classroom libraries and enthusiastically share their writing pieces throughout the year.  With grammar and spelling instruction throughout as well as phonics instruction in the early grades, we ensure that our students have a strong foundation that utilizes a balanced literacy approach.


We adopted Singapore Math during the 2014-2015 school year with great results.  During the 2015-2016 school year, our fourth and fifth grade students took 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place in the ACSI Regional Math Olympics in the area of mathematical reasoning and we’ve seen tremendous growth overall under the program.  Using a hands-on approach when needed and innovative methods of tackling word problems and other difficult elementary math concepts, we strive to reach students with multiple learning styles and needs through our math program.  Taking the best of modern methods of teaching math and pairing them with the tried and true ways of the past has proven to be effective in helping our students think like mathematicians.  We’re excited to see how this foundation carries over to the high school years!


Science and social studies instruction covers a broad range of topics and incorporates book learning with hands on experiences and projects that deepen students’ understanding.  Our core academic program also incorporates Bible class wherein students are exposed to an overview of the Bible that emphasizes a personal relationship with Jesus and the basic tenets of our faith.  Through biblical integration in all of the subjects, intentional Bible teaching and memorization, and a once a week chapel experience, our students learn to see the world through a Christian worldview.  In literacy we learn how to see people as Jesus does and how to write and speak effectively to express ourselves.  In the other disciplines we learn about the world God created- his order and patterns, the history of what he’s done and is doing in the world, and the many marvels of his creation.


In addition to these “core” academic subjects, students enjoy Spanish, P.E., computer, art, music, chorus, and band (gr. 4 & 5 elective) with “specials” teachers each week.  All subjects are taught by certified, Christian teachers who are responsible for integrating faith and learning.