Why Choose Mekeel ?

Why Choose Mekeel ?

“Mekeel has given me the opportunity to grow academically, athletically, and spiritually.  The high expectations challenge me to consistently achieve my full potential.  My passion for knowledge continues to grow and I am recognizing that there are learning opportunities everywhere.  The teachers at Mekeel genuinely care about each of the students and help us pursue our goals.”

-Abby  Junior,  Student Life Committee, Chorus, Soccer, Mekeel Summer Camp Counselor


“MCA will always be a special place for me, not only because that is where I developed a personal relationship with God, but because it is where I learned about life.  My teachers and coaches taught me how to play the role of a leader, and how to have courage and humility.    The environment at Mekeel is like a family, the teachers are kind and approachable, which makes it easy to learn.  I am very blessed to have been able to spend my high school years at Mekeel.”

-Tai Senior, Soccer (All State/Conference MVP), Track,  Service Volunteer



“I am so excited for college next year.  I know my years at Mekeel have prepared me both academically and spiritually.  My teachers have given me the ability to apply my knowledge and my faith, in every situation.  Because of this I am looking forward to my college years with great confidence.”

- Lexie  Senior, Scholar Athlete (Basketball), Student Leadership



Designing and shaping your student’s future is a tremendous privilege. At Mekeel Christian Academy, we believe that the learning environment has much to do with future success. Here you will find academic excellence presented in a safe, nurturing, and caring setting. Classrooms are filled with respect and positive reinforcement. The belief that God has uniquely created and gifted each student is the premise of these actions  and the basis for a lifetime of enjoyment  in learning.

In today’s competitive market, an independent school education must rise above all other options. Mekeel Christian Academy provides the best value in the Capital Region. As we compare academic offerings, athletic opportunities, a Biblical worldview, and a 100% graduation rate  and college success, we believe that you will find our school the key to your student’s success.

Based on 37 years of successful graduates who have entered the global market and God’s continued blessings, we invite you to consider Mekeel Christian for  your student’s future. Join us for a bright new beginning.

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