Where is Mekeel located?

Mekeel Christian Academy is located in Scotia, New York.  Our physical address is 36-38 Sacandaga Rd. Scotia, NY 12302.

Is MCA co-ed?

Yes, MCA is a co-ed school.  When age appropriate, boys and girls separate for gym and health classes.

 Does Mekeel have an Open or Closed campus?


 Is Mekeel managed by a particular church?

No; Mekeel is an interdenominational Christian School governed by its own Board of Directors.

 How long is the school day?

Our school day at Mekeel begins at 8:10 am and concludes at 2:57 pm.

 Is there bus transportation?

Yes, the school district that you reside in will provide busing if your residence is within 15 miles of Mekeel.  If your residence exceeds the 15 mile radius, a location within 15 miles can be established.

 What is the teacher-student ratio?

The teacher to student ratio is 8:1 providing the upmost potential for building relationships and producing success in the classroom.

 Are  college credit courses offered?

Yes, there are AP and Dual-Enrollment courses offered.

What are Mekeel’s school colors and mascot?

We are the navy and white Mekeel Christian Academy Lions.

 Are students required to wear uniforms?

Dress Code [PDF]

 Does MCA take standardized tests?


What is the purpose of changing our name?

Branding for any organization is a key to their success. Within our region there are two other schools that are SCS (Schoharie Central School and Schuylerville Central School); there is another Schenectady (Schenectady High), and there are other schools with the Falcon mascot (including Albany High).  This lack of uniqueness is having a direct impact on new contacts understanding who we are.  We no longer exist in Schenectady, but in Scotia, with the desire to broaden our reach as a viable option for the entire Capital District.  The name change to Mekeel Christian Academy frees us from a specific locale, while connecting us to our heritage.

We understand the difficulty that some may have with this decision.  The investment of many over the past 35 years has built a growing school.  In spite of a declining economy, God has increased enrollment over the past year by a 7% net growth.  This is tremendous when compared with Christian schools across the country.  God has brought a spirit of revival to the hearts of these students. The name of the institution must reflect the distinct nature of our mission.

 Why was the name Mekeel Christian Academy chosen?

The foundation of our school must never be removed.  The fact that we are followers of Christ must remain constant.  Therefore, the search began to find something that would reflect our gratitude for the dedication of many and still show a renewed vision for the future.  It is our belief that a successful future must be rooted in the strength of our past. We wanted to link our past with our future.  In 1976, Dr. Herbert S. Mekeel had the vision to provide a place for Christian education.  His willingness to communicate his passion to many at First Presbyterian Church and others in the region allowed for the launching of our school.  The definition of academy is a place of advanced learning with a specific purpose.  What better way to define our school?  As Christians, we long to be well-spoken, critical thinkers and discerning individuals.  We long to be in the world, but not of it, using our goal of increasing intellect to bring glory to God.