Get Involved at Your Alma Mater

Get Involved at Your Alma Mater


There are a lot of short term and long term volunteer opportunities in every department of the school.

Please email for any information, or to find out how to get involved.


MCAAA – Mekeel Christian Academy Alumni Association

President – Louis Crisci ’92
Vice President/Secretary/Treasurer – Courtney Kahler ’03
Development Committee – Andrew Crecca ’02
Events Committee – Ashley Kahler ’06



The Alumni Association is an independent organization sponsored by Mekeel Christian Academy that exists to support strengthen the ties between alumni, the community, and the current families at the school. The Alumni Association members and the alumni population as a whole, are nicknamed the 76ers to honor the founding of the school and foster a common sense of community between all graduates

The mission and guiding values of the Association will remain consistent with those of Mekeel Christian Academy.  All alumni are encouraged to become members, and participate in the program.

The Alumni Association is comprised of the President, Secretary, and Treasurer and various sub committees. Each committee is guided by the goals of creating awareness, engagement, support structure, growth, community, and advancement.

For more information or to join please contact us!


Special News: We are looking for class captains to represent each graduating class.  Several Alumni have already taken these roles and will be reaching out to their classes.  MCA (SCS) can be a great resource for our alumni, and we hope you will stay engaged and connected with the school as you build your life.