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MCAAA – Mekeel Christian Academy Alumni Association

President – Louis Crisci ’92
Vice President/Secretary/Treasurer – Courtney Kahler ’03
Development Committee – Andrew Crecca ’02
Events Committee – Ashley Kahler ’06

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The Alumni Association is an independent organization sponsored by Mekeel Christian Academy that exists to support strengthen the ties between alumni, the community, and the current families at the school. The Alumni Association members and the alumni population as a whole, are nicknamed the 76ers to honor the founding of the school and foster a common sense of community between all graduates

The mission and guiding values of the Association will remain consistent with those of Mekeel Christian Academy.  All alumni are encouraged to become members, and participate in the program.

The Alumni Association is comprised of the President, Secretary, and Treasurer and various sub committees. Each committee is guided by the goals of creating awareness, engagement, support structure, growth, community, and advancement.

For more information or to join please contact us!




Send an email to the school with updated contact information and some news about where God has taken you! or



Almost 700 students have graduated from MCA (SCS) and are building their families and careers, but more importantly, extending the Kingdom of God in their communities all over the globe. We would love to hear from you and where God has taken you in your life.

Send an email with your updated contact information and pictures or stories we can publish in our newsletters. We are so proud of all our graduates, and we want you to be a part of what is going on at Mekeel. Stop in and see your old teachers, come to games and cheer for your alma mater, or even schedule a tour.



20th – Class of 2002

Dear Friends,

The SCS class of 2002 would like to invite former and current staff, faculty, alumni, family, and friends to drop in between 4:30pm and 5:30pm on Saturday July 14, 2012 at Mekeel Christian Academy in the Cafeteria for light refreshments.  The class of 2002 will be touring the new school building before their 10-year reunion dinner, and would love the opportunity to visit with their SCS family.   RSVP is not necessary, but is appreciated.  Please contact  


SCS Class of 2002
Alyssa (Alsum) Dabravalskas, Kristen Atkinson, Daniel Bagrow, Sarah (Benintende) Bruce, Michael Berrian, Gregory Bianchini, Ian Bonthron, Leah Buckman, Deirdre (Collins Taylor), Korey Collins, Andrew Crecca, Danielle Dapp, Yolanda Donoso, John Edwards, Meghan (Ettore) Clevenstine, Elizabeth Garasi, Megan Gates, Emily Hale, Ashley (Hojohn) Hart, Jessica (Hojohn) Gardinier, Brendan Hopper, Daniel Kellog, Steven Kemner, Elizabeth Kergel, Nycole (McBride) Warner, Kyle McCormick, Gabrielle (McKee) Hoffman, Lindsey Meyer, Heather (Reed) Moran, Aaron Rulison, Melissa (Schmidt) Prinzivalli, Danille Somersall, Heather Sumner, Joel Taylor, Christina Tripoli, Katie (Vincent) Booth, Elizabeth (Westra) Duncan, Abigail (White) Bonthron, Timothy Wallace, Sovonna Yen-Mancuso, and Vincent Zukas


MCA will now provide 100% of the demonstrated tuition need for alumni families! You follow the usual admissions process, and we will provide 100% of the tuition assistance recommended by the third party company we use to determine financial need (FAST).

Also, children of MCA alumni automatically have their registration and re-registration fees waived. The enrollment of your children is the highest compliment we can possibly get!
Contact Erin Hvizdak, Admissions Coordinator, for more information
370-4272 or email