RJE3 - Copy

We take seriously our responsibility to offer our students a safe environment in which to learn.  We are continually seeking ways to improve our supervision of the children entrusted to us during the school day.

Safety Plan

We have worked with the local school district and other local agencies to develop a more comprehensive safety plan for our students and staff.

School Nurse

We are blessed to have a nurse on campus most of the day provided by the local public school district. Our nurse keeps us current about state and federal health requirements such as immunization, physical exams, etc. She works hard to communicate with parents when health issues arise during the day.

Automated External Defibrillator (AED)

Mekeel has an AED in the first floor hallway at the entrance to the Nurse’s Office. Most of our faculty and some full-time staff have been trained in its use. Another AED is available at athletic events as well.

Closed Campus Policy

Mekeel has a closed campus policy as a means to help ensure student safety. This means our students may not leave school early without written parental permission for specific appointments, and that school-age visitors (except prospective students by appointment) are not permitted during school hours except with permission.