Core Values

Core Values

Certain foundational principles have guided the direction of Mekeel Christian Academy from its inception. These values are summarized by four major themes.

The Centrality of Christ in Every Area of Life

First and foremost, Mekeel Christian Academy seeks to ensure that Jesus Christ is at the center of our philosophy, purpose, and programs. Believing that it is impossible to truly understand the creation without knowing the Creator, we strive to teach every subject area from the perspective of God’s eternal word and to integrate its principles in every facet of school life. Our goal is to produce a generation of leaders who are able to both articulate a distinctly Christian worldview as well as to “live it out” in daily life.

A Passion for Educational Excellence

Mekeel Christian Academy seeks to honor the Lord through the pursuit of excellence in all areas of school life, resulting in a rigorous but developmentally appropriate program for all of its students.

A Heart for All Kids

The desire of our school all along has been to make a Christian education available to as many students from Christian homes as possible. MCA  has provided a Resource Room for several years now to help students who are not typically accepted at most Christian schools due to special needs. These programs, along with our staff and faculty’s willingness to work with students with  exceptional-needs and their district special education programs, have made it possible for students to succeed here who would otherwise have been unable to attain academic success.

A Partnership Approach

We believe that parents have the God-given responsibility for the education and training of their children and that our authority as a school is derived from the parents. The Christian school provides the opportunity for the home, school, and church to partner together in the shared task of the godly training of our youth. Mekeel seeks to reinforce, not contradict, the values that the home and church have worked so hard to build into their youth.